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TJMLLC/TwT 2022 Journal and Calendar (FINAL SALE)

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Image of TJMLLC/TwT 2022 Journal and Calendar (FINAL SALE)
  • Image of TJMLLC/TwT 2022 Journal and Calendar (FINAL SALE)

Have you ever needed that word? That one word that would push pass your pain, push you pass your misery, push you pass your failures, push you pass your hopelessness and helplessness, push you pass your feelings of less than.

And that one word? Well I hope it's what you find as you employ your 2022 Journal and Calendar towards and for your own life.

Because I more than anyone you'll probably ever meet will be honest enough to tell you that life can be both so hard and so good all at the same time.

Yet, what's found in the pen and pad, or even between the lines of what's not written but understood can still bring about a breakthrough.

If that sounds like something yu need in your life like today, then fam order this journal and planner like yesterday. #Y22ItsMine


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