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A Right Mind Matters Workbook


Image of A Right Mind Matters Workbook
  • Image of A Right Mind Matters Workbook

Growing up back in the day, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) was a big thing for minorities wanting to go to college, but out of fear and the lack thereof of monies, going to college often seemed like a dream and far from reality. However, notably so a select few distinguished and worthy students received that gift.

Yet for me, at least, the infamous slogan declared boldly by the late Lou Rawls: a mind is a terrible thing to waste, holds true today - college student or not. So guess what? Why waste your mind/ Your gift of knowledge, power, existence, persistence, and excellence? Don’t lose it; use it - ALL.

A Right Mind Matters because quite frankly, it always does; any and every time, all day every day. Take this walk with me as we through this Diary to be the tool you've for sure always needed and wanted. All facts, not just to get right, but stay right. Not just to wander through life aimlessly, but to apply pressure all to do so unapologetically on purpose. Walk this walk, and leave knowing you’ve got the Right Mind That Matters needed for anything past, present or future.

Let’s go fam because A Right Mind Matters; especially went it’s Motivated Effortlessly and driven unapologetically on purpose.